Stock Market, Marriage and Sweet

There is a famous proverb in India for marriage related to Sweet "You will regret after having it once, also regret for not having it"
I must agree to above line... Oh yeah, why not when it has been given by me only...
Wait, let me clear you one thing that neither am married nor I have ever invested my money in Stock NSE BSE market.. And obviously this statement doesn't comply with every human. All just based on experience.
This is simply like, once you have started investing in stocks intraday market or stock futures market or equity market or commodity market. Your greed will keep you moving forward.
This market is actually very easy to understand and with the true fact "No one in the world understands this market with 100% consideration". Yes, this is true. There is no advisory or an individual advisor in this world who can give 100% accurate calls. If this could be the case, then am sure no other sources of income were required. One can easily ask to that advisor and live life King size.
Just for an example: Say if you are investing Rs. 50,000. Now, if X is a person (Expert) giving you 100% accuracy by charging a minimal amount of Rs. 10,000
Here is how you can earn according to X.
Investment amount Rs. 50,000
Using expert tips from X the amount shall come to around Rs. 1,00,000
Now deduct the X fee and your invested amount from your earning i.e. Rs. 1,00,000 - Rs. 10,000 (Fee) - Rs. 50,000 (Invested Amount)

Here your profit comes to Rs. 40,000. Amazing, as per investment in stock market never lead to struggle for a job wherein you cannot expect this amount even after a struggle for a year(s).
You must be surprised on why am comparing stock market with marriage as both are very different prospect to consider simultaneously.
Here is the reason: stock market investment is good
till the time it's about the knowledge to gain or for enjoyment or for a need. It should not be greed.

If the need doesn't become greed. Stock market investment is good but by the time it becomes greed, it can never be fulfilled"

And, obviously if you know how to invest then surely you will think about investing and will regret on not investing and for sure you will regret once starting investing (with greed).
Marriage goes the same way, you wanted to get marry till the time you are single. Once married, regret for losing the time which is no more with you. Remember, here I said "regret for losing the time which is no more with you" and not "regret for being a married person"
In conclusion, stock market investment is like regret on not investing and regret after investment.
Marriage is like regret on not getting married and even regret for losing time once gets married.
Sweet is like regret on not having it when it is placed in front of you and you can't eat it and even regret on having the same once you have it with greed and suffering diabetes.
Thanks for reading.