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The Blog My Stock Today was founded on the Year 2012. I started as a small blog, it targets a wide range of intraday traders, investors who are interested in daily Stocks and Commodity Market inclusive of stocks to buy, stocks to sell, stock positions and market news affecting their buying and selling position. My Stock Today Blog is providing daily updates on market fluctuations with the reason behind the updates.

My Vision: Is to Keep Investors, Traders, updated about the daily news on Stocks and Commodity Market.

About Me:

Hello, I’m Shreya Goyal, Founder of the blog “My Stock Today” started this blog as a hobby and interested in Stock Market as I am in this market since 5 years. Although I never invested in this market. Yes, you have heard it Correct. I never invest because I consider this Market as a Speculation. Based on my experience, I consider Stock market as a Legal Gambling or speculation. You can find an interesting article about the Stock Market here.

For any suggestions, tips, complaints, news, updates, You can Contact me Via "Contact Me" Form.